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Letterfly Pinstriping hits the road every summer to enjoy a seven-month route of customer-dedicated Harley Davidson motorcycle dealerships between Philadelphia, Chicago, and his home called ArtPark in Plant City Florida.

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Hand-painted pinstriping, hand-lettered inscriptions, wet-blended pictorials, images, icons and mural design services are available for motorcycles, hot rods, automobiles, guitars and even cake mixers all along the route. The artist’s route is posted on the following blog page. To take advantage of all these old-school offerings when the artist is in your area, all it takes is a road trip.

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Letterfly enjoys the RV lifestyle, attending events and working on jobsites nationwide during the summer months, has evolved with the times combining old school, hand created techniques of an era gone by with contemporary technology to provide an even larger variety of offerings and services to his guests all along the way.

The artist offers this expanded repertoire on the road during the summer months and at his Florida home in the country called ArtPark during the winter months. 


The Destination

A little-known mecca of creativity of interest to art patrons, motorcyclists, hot rodders, truckers and RVers exists in central Florida. ArtPark is the home of the artist Dave Letterfly Knoderer. The creative haven is a destination for anyone curious about a finishing touch with paint, who may be considering old school pinstriping, complete motorcycle paint jobs, hand painted inscriptions, gold leaf graphics and monograms and perhaps the most exciting of all; custom graphic stripe schemes to enhance the RVers tow-car.

Today, this destination is more than just a place to get the high-quality airbrushed scene across the back of the coach that the artist is famous for. In addition to these wildlife, nature and fantasy scenes, depictions of aircraft, romantic vistas or an airbrushed image of just about anything imaginable, a hand painted portrait of your dog on the entry door, some “Von Dutch” inspired pinstriping and an inscription that expresses your personal philosophy of being on the road, living a life of freedom, or hints at a sentiment lingering from your era are produced in the traditional manner of the artisan.

The artist is ideally suited to design and fabricate special equipment for the circus along with the restoration of period decoration on antique vehicles, vintage, touring and cruising motorcycles, old racing memorabilia, Coca-Cola and railroad collectables, period sign work, cake mixers, guitars and anything for anyone who seeks to make an impression using an artisan adept with paint.

The artist’s home/gallery/studio is situated in a lovely oak hammock filled with meandering garden pathways that lead to quiet meditative settings. Appropriately named ArtPark, the two-and-a-half-acre property sports several covered sites with hookups for RVs, trails that wind through lush landscaping to reveal flowered arbors that lead to secluded swings and park benches in picturesque locations. The quiet wooded area is also a haven for a variety of song birds, acrobatic squirrels, wandering sandhill cranes and even a red tail hawk couple who nest in the highest tree in the backyard. 

The lovely studio setting under the quaint Spanish moss draped boughs of the ancient oak hammock is a wonderful “think tank” for artistic creativity, an ongoing source of gratitude and a haven for curious couples to relax, enjoy the camaraderie, validate the decision to get a mural, custom paint, vehicular graphics, ask questions about commissioning artwork of their very own and watch the various processes underway.

His home is flanked by a fully equipped studio, mural pavilion, gallery and spray booth. Letterfly stays busy with a variety of special paintwork projects that satisfy the RV community, bikers who ride in to commission high quality decorative pinstriping and artwork, and the hot rodders who roar in and out to get fine pinstripe detailing.

Ample parking exists for RVers, bikers and truckers who commission a project that may take several days. Guests also benefit from the invitation to enjoy the nocturnal campfire in the backyard that helps the artist unwind at the end of a long work day. 

Today the possibilities to express one specific aspect of the scope of your interests and personality with interesting paint work on just about anything are endless. Those of you who seek to enhance the experience of rolling down the road with special artwork are welcome to visit ArtPark and be blessed by this artist who is doing what he loves and is living the dream.

To ensure that future generations, have access to the accumulated knowledge and experience of his fifty-plus year career, the student or aficionado of custom decorative paint will benefit from the five-day Custom Paint Workshops classes that take place annually during the first week of February at the artist’s home. All aspects of creating custom output with paint are covered in a masterly fashion with learning aids, guest artists and hands-on opportunities in the paint shop/studio. More information about the Custom Paint Workshops is on the previous artist page.

Letterfly ArtPark is situated near Plant City, just a few miles from the “big three” RV dealerships on I-4 east of I-75. For more information call 813 752 8063. Our bi-monthly e-newsletter entitled “Tales of a Traveling Airbrush” is sent out to our regular e-subscribers. To receive the latest newsletter, write LetterflyArtiste@aol.com to sign up.

You are welcome to come, watch and enjoy the site of relentless old school productivity at ArtPark anytime, but due to the demands on the artist and to facilitate the best reception possible, an appointment is necessary.

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